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Anfernee Hardaway will forever be one of the biggest “what if” questions in NBA history. Penny was a game changing point guard at 6’7, with the same abilities as the shorter guards of the era but the explosiveness to throw a dunk down over any big man in the league. He was on his way to super stardom before injuries began to tear him down and completely change the trajectory of his career.


Acquired by the Magic during the 1993 NBA Draft, Hardaway spent six seasons in Orlando where he averaged 19 points, 6.3 assists, 4.7 rebounds and 1.95 steals per game. Hardaway and center Shaquille O’Neal guided the Magic to the NBA Finals in 1995 where they lost to the Houston Rockets. His career averages with the team are somewhat misleading because he was not the same player during his final two years with the franchise thanks to a knee injury.

He, along with Shaq, brought hope to a team and city that never really had any before from a basketball standpoint. He was also one of the most loved athletes off the court, with his “lil penny” Nike commercials at the time doing extremely well.

Last night the Magic did something they should’ve done years ago, which was induct him into their team hall of fame. He became just the fifth player in franchise history to receive the honor.

For any of the younger fans out there, or if you just want a refresher of how good Penny was, check out one of his career mixtapes below. Had it not been for constant injuries, there is no limit to how good his career would’ve turned out.