Paramount will surely be bringing their new movie “Rings” to theater. The ghost in the movie, Samara, who was played by stunt woman, Bonnie Morgan, took customers at a local store for a loop when they decided to have Morgan get into character and crawl out of a TV. Let me just tell you these customers were scared to death. Im not really a scary movie person so I already know if I was there, I would have been in tears. To watch the reactions were pretty funny though!

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a viral marketing agency called Thinkmodo was behind the prank. They helped with the Carrie remake and The Last Exorcism Part II. Thinkmodo’s co-founder, James Percelay decided that having Samara come out of the TV would be far more entertaining than just having the preview of the movie on the TV screen. Boy was he right. One guy even left his girl stranded running from the prank. Straight savage! Percelay says.

“It’s about taking things from a movie and putting them in a real-life context. There’s no separation like there is in a movie trailer. You’re watching it going, ‘Oh my God, I go to TV stores. This could be me.’ There’s this connection that takes it out of Hollywood and puts it into your local Best Buy.”

Check out the encounter below.

Source: Complex