Well it’s about time an industry OG spoke out and said something. Snoop Dogg talks about how dj’s aren’t playing good music anymore and are rewarding more less than average music because these are the times.

Frankie Zing

Art is a reflection of self and just look at the state of the world, society, and this country. And no it’s not because of Donald Trump…we’ve been in trouble for years now as one people.

The West Coast rap legend spoke to HipHopDX about his most recent album, 2016’s Cool Aid. It was met with strong critical reviews, but poor sales. Why you ask? Because dj’s refuse to play it. It’s not “current”…but it’s still good technically:

“See man, that’s why I be hating. I hate when I do good work and it goes … and then when I do work that’s so-so they like to promote it and push it and I don’t be feeling good about that.”

“A lot of DJs wouldn’t take that chance and say, ‘Well, I’ma play this Snoop Dogg record, because I know it’s dope and it’s fly,’” he explained. “[Instead, they would say], ‘I can’t play it, because it don’t go with everything in the club.’”

Read the full interview here and what do you think about the current state of music? Is it all just for money and not the impact it has on the world and society anymore?