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Derek Fisher recently gave a bizarre interview in which he says he doesn’t care if the drama with Matt Barnes is costing him coaching opportunities.  Barnes reacted to Fisher’s comments and also decided to tell the real story about what occurred between them and Barnes former wife, Gloria Govan, who is still in a relationship with Fisher. 

1. Barnes says HE left Gloria and then divorced her.

2. He went to her house after one of his sons called him about Fisher being there

3.  He did punch Fisher who ran and then snitched on him to the police, his former team the Grizzlies, and the NBA.

Read Barnes’ full account below.

Read Fisher’s interview on Bleacher Report.

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#MattBarnes reacts to #DerekFisher’s comments … (? via BleacherReport) but it doesn’t stop there ….

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#MattBarnes had some extra time on his hands, so he details what happened that night with #DerekFisher ???

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