Bobby’s been locked up for a little over 2 years now and it’s been nothing but more drama for the Brooklyn rapper. Now he’s gotten transferred to a facility up north New York, where two famous rappers previously did time.

Bobby won’t be possibly eligible for parole for about 5 years and he was most recently almost the victim of a stabbing attack during mealtime last month. Fortunately for him, he saw the attack coming and was able to avoid it:

“These are low lives,” Shmurda’s spokesman Allen DeWane explained. “They think they can score brownie points if they get a star.”

DeWane included Shmurda is being targeted by the Bloods, so he’s been placed in protective custody and was moved to Clinton Correctional in upstate New York, where Tupac and Ol Dirty Bastard served time there as well.

The place is called “Little Siberia” because of it’s extremely low temperatures and close proximity to the Canadian border. Hopefully this will keep him safe until his time is up. Prayers up for this young life.