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Two of Atlanta’s own squash a 4 year beef that almost got ugly.

Frankie Zing

Back in 2013, Gucci tweeted (now deleted):

“Just seen. Rocko. Ge ask me. 1 question. All most was. With his maker. Who next. He cried like a hoe. N ran,” Gucci tweeted September 9.

“Rocko. Cum back lets finish our talk bitch”

“I should have went in his pocket. He had a switchblade. Lol. Brah. Bring me. A. Combo from Mcdonalds I got u dollar menu ass rappers”

Rocko had something different to say about that:

“I pulled up like a man, but at the end of the day, I realized that homey, he got some real stuff goin’ on with him because I was loyal to homey. I was all the solid with homey, so for that to happen, I know it was somethin’ else goin’ on. So I didn’t take it to heart like that,” Rocko told MTV News at the time.

Rocko said that his friend Gucci was about to go to jail for assaulting a fan and thought he was having some sort of mental breakdown. Guwop later did admit that was the case, he did his time, and now the two have officially moved on:

My partner @rocko2real #DroptopWop and A1

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