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On this week’s episode of his I’ll Name This Podcast Later show, Joe Budden finally gave an update on the status of his group Slaughterhouse – as they haven’t put out a project in some time now. Unfortunately, it’s not news that fans will enjoy.

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Around the 58-minute mark of the podcast (below,) Budden referred it as the new Detox, noting, “that album’s never seeing the light of day. Breaking news!” He added:

“For all of you people who keep wanting a music update, here it is: that Slaughterhouse project, you’re not getting it. Sorry. It’s some shit on there. Unfortunately, the best Joell verse that I have ever heard in my entire life is on this album that y’all are never gonna hear. That’s fucked up.”

But is it label issues, or more about the content? Often times, artists scrap entire projects because the content recorded no longer matches the place they are currently at in their life, and it appears that’s the case here as well. Listen below to get the 411!