Headlines surrounding Big Sean and Eminem’s “No Favors” have been everywhere lately and they just continue after Em apparently gave Sean one of the greatest compliments one could ever get.

Frankie Zing

Sean told Big Boy’s Neighborhood:

“He was telling me how much he loved my verse. I’m like man shut your mouth. He was like, ‘I respect you […] you’re one of the most dangerous emcees.”

Sean then revealed he had to take a step back when he first received Em’s 2 minute long verse:

“I lost my mind in the studio, I couldn’t believe it. I was just happy he let it out on a track. But then I was like goddamn.”

Sean also revealed Em isn’t really into much newer music these days, but Big Sean’s “intrigues him”. Check out the interview in full below and move to the 17:20 mark to hear all the Marshall Mathers talk: