Jason Derulo claims he was racially profiled with at Miami Intenational Airport. Derulo says he and 8 of his people came to the airport to board a flight to LA. He tried to check almost 20 bags. Derulo claims he is a preferred flying member — Concierge Key — and almost always flies American. Things got a little hectic as the AA staffer was reportedly rude and said he couldn’t check his bags.

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AA claims Jason and his crew were a little too late. One of his team members stayed behind to try and get the bags checked on a late flight. Jason and his team were on the flight when the plane started to pull away. His phone then rang and his crew member told him they wanted about $6k for the extra bags. Jason demanded the flight stop and get him back to the gate so he could get off. He claims the pilot went off on him and cops were called. Jason says amongst getting off of the plane cops were waiting. He believes had he not been Jason Derulo he would have been arrested.

Source: Complex