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Just in case you weren’t sure, yes it’s 2017 and Jay-Z signed Jim Jones to his own music empire, Roc Nation.

Frankie Zing

After years of beef between not only the two, but Dipset as a whole, Jim shocked the hip-hop world yesterday when he announced his signing to the roc. Ten years ago I guarantee no one would ever thought they would live to see the day, but here we are and Jim gave his reasoning as to why the two were able to dead the past and move on to get money together:

“The fact that people are ready to forget the past and help me move forward to the next step of my career is very inspiring,” said Jimmy in a press release. “As you get older, you realize that most of your peers are either dead or in jail. The fact that we can move past the BS is a testimony of how much we have grown.”

Now that you have Jim’s answer, what do you think Cam was thinking when he saw the pictures?