In order to be eligible for a Grammy nomination, the artist has to actually submit themselves to the award process. It’s not like every artist out there could possibly win a Grammy award. Turns out this year Macklemore and Ryan Lewis didn’t submit their 2016 album, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made.

Frankie Zing

According to the Associated Press, the rapper/producer duo didn’t submit their work that would be eligible for award consideration, but why? I’ll assume the first thing that runs through your mind is the drama surrounding them unexpectedly winning 4 Grammy awards back in 2014, while Kendrick’s debut year he went home empty handed.

Yea that whole situation was very awkward for everyone involved, the artists, the award show, the fans, journalists, and anyone else when Macklemore texted Kendrick saying he know he robbed him of winning, then posted the screenshot on IG.

Do they not want to relive the same fate? Do these guys really feel like they are robbing hip-hop? Yo…like Macklemore spits. Just because he doesn’t glorify the drugs he did or mistakes he’s made doesn’t make him a bad rapper…he’s better than most of these guys out here as far as artistry goes because he actually cares about what he’s saying and it shows.

Anyway there’s no proof if this is the reason why they’re staying away from this year Grammy awards, but one can only assume.