image via: tmz

The life of Steve Francis after the NBA continues to be a strange one and now he is in more legal trouble. Back in November, Francis was arrested for drunk driving, as well as possession of weed. He was released on bond and ordered not to drink any alcohol and he had to have a breathalyzer device installed in his car.


Apparently Francis decided he wasn’t going to use the device, which is a direct violation of his original bond.

He was ordered back to court on Thursday where the judge revoked some of his freedom by ordering a device attached to his ankle that will monitor any alcohol intake.

It’s also a gps device, since the judge ordered he can no longer leave the state of Texas.

At time of this posting, he has until the end of today to have the device put on him otherwise the same judge will issue an arrest warrant and it’s pretty obvious the judge is not playing any games with him.

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