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Lebron James wasn’t in the best of moods last night after his Cavs lost to Russell Westbrook and the Thunder in OKC. The final score was only decided by 9 points but it never actually felt like a close game as you watched it. That’s something that likely wasn’t lost on Lebron as he decided he wasn’t going to take questions from reporters after the game. Instead he issued a brief statement.


According to the many reporters in the room, immediately after ending his statement and unfortunately after people stopped recording video, Lebron then made one more quick statement that he forgot.

I don’t think anyone in the tri-state area would disagree with Bron on that one. Oakley could run for a bunch of different offices and likely win because of the love folks have for him. It’s been great to see the support he has been getting from guys like Lebron, Chris Paul and others. While being President Oakley would surely be interesting, I’m sure he would be content with just being treated with the respect he deserves from the Knicks.