Photo Credit: Instagram / @NickCannon

Nick Cannon announced his departure from America’s Got Talent earlier this week, following controversy over a joke he’d made about the show’s network, NBC, being racist.

In his statement, Nick alleged that he was leaving before he was inevitably fired, something he said the network had plans to do. However, NBC “sources” responded saying they were blindsided by the announcement, and had no plans in ending their 8-year relationship with him. They added that there will likely be some legal ramifications if he walks away.

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While nothing is solid yet, we have learned what Nick will be walking away from if he does remain true to his word! In a new report, it was revealed that the TV host/comedian/actor/artist was making $4.5 million a season! Sheesh!

Imagine how financially secure Nick must be to walk away from this like it’s nothing! Must be nice!