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Everyone from front office execs, former players, current players and fans alike have all had an opinion about Terrell Owens not being voted into the NFL hall Of fame. His numbers are clearly deserving but some old, crabby voters decided to leave him off the ballot because of his personality during his playing days. Last time I checked the hall of fame is based on what a player did on the field, not if you liked him personally but this is how things are.

The majority of guys who used to play or currently play, have all sided with Owens, basically calling the voting a joke. How can the receiver with 15,934 career receiving yards, which is second all time, as well as 153 career TD receptions, which is third all time, not be in the hall of fame on the first vote, let alone in general?

Well one former player, Cris Carter, who himself is a hall of famer, decided to speak out against Owens, blaming his personality and the bad teammate label for the reason he hasn’t gotten in yet. It didn’t take long for Owens to clap back at Carter.

“Even you think about guys that have gone and really tried to attack my character and called me a flawed candidate, a guy like Cris Carter. Trust me, I’m better than Cris Carter,” Owens said. “I’ll tell him that. He knows that I’m not a fan of him. . . .

“Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. He wants me to wait because he had to wait. I did more with less. I was better than Cris Carter. So he shouldn’t mention anything about anybody, especially me, about being a flawed candidate when here’s a guy who got released, flunked three drug tests from Philly — cocaine and alcohol addiction — and then there was somewhere down the road he’s telling guys to ask somebody to be a fall guy. What kind of character is that? So c’mon man. C’mon.”

Remember, Carter was captured on video a few years ago telling NFL rookies they should get a “fall guy” around them, someone who could take the blame when things go wrong. That’s not exactly the message you want to convey to young men when you are supposed to be a leader.

Carter had numerous issues during his career that Owens alluded to, things that Owens never had issues with. Sure, there have always been rumors of Owens being a bad teammate but there were never off the field issues involving law enforcement or any drama of any sort for that matter. Not too mention, Carter couldn’t hold Owens cleats when it comes to talent and on field performance.

It’s always funny when someone who is a complete hypocrite wants to criticize someone else and that’s what’s happening here. From Carter to the actual voters, they all have things in their own lives that wouldn’t be looked on as favorable but they’d rather focus on others. Carter is in the hall of fame and that fact alone should be enough to have Owens voted in.

Written by @IamJoeSports

h/t Pro Football Talk