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DeMarcus Cousins is moving on and is focused on his new life in New Orleans with the Pelicans but that doesn’t mean he isn’t feeling a certain way towards his former employer.

He isn’t mad about being traded, especially with getting a chance to play alongside another star player in Anthony Davis. The resentment remains largely in part because of the way the deal went down.

In a lengthy interview with Marc Spears for The Undefeated, he was asked if he had spoken with Kings owner Vivek Ranadive or general manager Vlade Divac.

“Nah. For what?” It was a coward move, so I’m pretty sure I will get a coward response. For what? And I’ve seen this happen before. I’ve been there through all same types … I was there with [coach] Mike Malone’s [firing]. I’ve seen how they operate. I know what kind of answer I will get anyway. So, what is the point?”

As you know, Cousins was traded just minutes after the all-star game ended in New Orleans last Sunday. The move caught him by surprise and made him emotional because he was under the impression that the Kings were telling teams he was untouchable.

“I haven’t cried in a long time,” Cousins told The Undefeated. “… It hit me like, ‘This s— is really happening.’ It was something that I never expected to happen. I was also told [a trade] wouldn’t happen, so …”

“I’m more hurt by that,” Cousins said. “Being away from those relationships and the community, I’m more hurt by that because of the dishonesty and all that s— with the organization.”

Even though Cousins is feeling that way, moving on from Sacramento will likely be for the better of his career overall. His first game with the Pelicans last night didn’t get off to a good start, as they got blown out by the Rockets but the long term potential of him and Davis playing together is much better than any prospect of winning he may have had back with the Kings.

Written by @IamJoeSports