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Charles Barkley had viewers as well as the cast members of Inside The NBA crying with laughter last night. It’s no secret that Chuck has no love for the Knicks and how things have been going for the franchise and while talking about them last night, he slipped up and said “sh*t”. Surprisingly him cursing wasn’t the best part of all of this.

Barkley was talking about how he spoke with Spike Lee over the all-star break and he can’t wait to be the next person to get kicked out of MSG, similar to what happened with Charles Oakley.

That was pretty funny itself but his reaction when he realized what he said was even funnier.

Perhaps the icing on the cake however came a short time later when it sounded like he was going to keep apologizing to America for cursing but he instead apologized for TNT showing the Knicks.

Just another night on Inside The NBA.

Written by @IamJoeSports

H/t Dime Mag