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Courtney Lee thought he was going to have a career highlight of putting Lebron James on a poster last night but then reality hit him in mid air.

The Knicks were down in the 4th quarter and still trying to put up a fight against the Cavs. I don’t know if Lee thought that dunking over Bron would give his team a boost to make a final run late in the game but he instead killed all hope of a Knicks comeback.

Damnnnn ?✋?✋?✋???? #LeBronJames

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Lebron made his punking of Lee even worse by just grabbing the ball before it even hit the court and dribbling it all in one motion. The play was pretty much a microcosm of how the Knicks season has gone. Everytime they give fans some hope that they are going to do something good, they just wind up failing miserably.

Written by @IamJoeSports