By now, we’ve all heard Remy Ma’s diss track to Nicki Minaj, “ShETHER,” riddled with direct jabs and some pretty outlandish accusations about the Queens rapper. One of the craziest accusations? Oh, just that Nicki slept with former Hot97 Program Director and current morning show host, Ebro Darden.

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All eyes were on Ebro after the song dropped on Saturday, waiting for his response. Though one didn’t come that day, he finally addressed it on Sunday, taking to Twitter with:

“Remy knows she’s lying… matter of fact the dude that told her that bullshit, she knows is a nerd! These nerd ass dudes always worried!”

Clearly, Papoose wasn’t appreciating his wife being called a liar, and clapped back with:

“You just texted me happy as hell that Remy said it…now she lying? Sit down bruh.”

Ebro then responded saying of course, who wouldn’t be happy about that? And that’s real – who wouldn’t be gassed that they’re getting some free press saying that they had sex with one of the baddest women in the game? Uhhh, what? All that does is give his show more ratings! He didn’t have to be saying that it’s true by saying he’s happy that Remy said it!

Stay tuned for more later, as Hot97 will put out a full video of Ebro’s response!

From the desk of Hot 97's #Ebro (in #remyma's diss song she said #nickiminaj f*cked Ebro)

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