The Oscars last night were almost drama free, but they messed up at the very end lol. They awarded the wrong movie with the coveted “Best Picture” award and had to tear it away from the recipients even after they all said their acceptance speeches!

Warren Beatty was the one to make the announcement for who won “Best Picture”, but he truly looked confused when he opened up the letter. He looked to his fellow presenter Faye Dunaway for approval and she just went right ahead and announced La La Land as the winner.

What happened was, right before this award was being presented, Emma Stone won the award for Best Actress. It turns out that card that had her as the winner for her award, somehow wound up in Warren Beatty’s hands, instead of the card with the winner for “Best Picture”. So his card read “Emma Stone” “La La Land” and Faye Dunaway just ignored the “Emma Stone” part and just said La La Land won lol. After the La La Land team gave their acceptance speeches and internally accepted they won the prestigious award, they had it ripped away from them as you can see below:

See the original announcement here…you can see he looks confused…