#Freestyle048 A while back I talked about someone having a particular set of skills… acquired over a career…the type that’s a nightmare for some…. well this is one of those times, Cory Gunz Snapped!!!

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Let me start by addressing Funk wore the same hat in the Fat Joe interview because it happened the same night, but they said he looks like Tyrone Biggums, I told him and he laughed so hard ??. Anyway I always tell you what happened night of, but this one actually started Feb 1st, at 11:56p from Rain ‘Yoooooo….I going to call you 1000 times until you pick up…It’s so real right now’. I hit him back 2 mins later and said ‘I can call back in 10 mins, but let me guess, you’re watching Star Wars’ (Rain revealed to me he hadn’t seen it, so after I could stop looking at him strange, I told him he had to see it), he immediately hits back and says Nooope….Trust me you want to hear this’, I called him as soon as I could and he was like I’m here with Cory, he’s ready, here talk to him, so Cory got on the phone very humble, ‘Hey Tat, I haven’t seen you in a while, how are you?’ I was happy yet shocked he remembered me, haven’t seen him in a while, really good dude man! So back to now I got the word to lock in Corey, so I hit Rain and it was set…. He held that ? All the Way Down!!!

That’s def what I call a case of ‘He Snapped’, Facts!