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So a mystery woman literally named Mystery Wakefield, got into a fight with Terence Bud Crawford’s sister and/or his baby mother and he broke it up… eventually.

Crawford’s sister went to Citi Trends where Mystery worked to fight her.  Mystery clocked out (can’t fight on company time) and met the women outside.

The fight eventually went down with several people yelling to let them battle it out, no break up, no jumping (typical hood ish).  After a while, Bud decided it was enough and broke up the fight.  That’s when another woman tagged herself in and began to beat up Mystery as well.  BSO says Crawford’s babymother (pictured with him below) is fighting his sidechick, TMZ Sports says his sister (also pictured below) is the one in the fight, which is also written in the police report.

The girl is referred to as ‘Iesha.’  Crawford’s sister’s name is Latisha, and his baby mother’s name is Alindra but refers to herself as Esha in her Instagram name.  It’s looking like they both beat home girl up, idk.  In any event, check the tape.

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