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The public interest in O.J. Simpson seems to never die. You can tell by the amount of specials regarding him and his life, as well as shows like “The People V O.J. Simpson” and ESPN’s 30 for 30 “O.J. Simpson, Made In America,” that draw in huge ratings. With the possibility of Simpson being paroled this year, some producers may be thinking getting an O.J. reality show would be huge.

Simpson seems very likely to be paroled later this year, perhaps around October and TMZ is reporting that a show may already be in the works. While most folks still believe he is nothing but a disgusting murdered who got away with it, there are probably a decent amount of people who would still watch a show with him just because. I mean there is already so much nonsense on reality television that shouldn’t be there so it’s not a far stretch to imagine an O.J. show being heavily viewed.

One major problem is producers and people in the world of television and Hollywood, don’t think any network would air a show with Simpson because of the public backlash. One alternative could be pay-per-view or even a streaming service like Netflix.

All of this of course is based on if he even gets paroled but that part itself does feel like it’s bound to happen.

Written by @IamJoeSports