Chris Brown has had his run-ins with the law in LA…now they want to meet with him because he takes up way more of their time and than any one man should.

LAPD has had enough of Breezy’s shenanigans and is requesting dialogue with Chris to help resolve some of the r&b singer’s issues. The report states that “noise, drugs, assaults, riding various vehicles recklessly” are among the disturbances that make Chris what one source calls “a chronic problem who takes up a tremendous amount of our resources.”

This is just a request that Chris speak with police about his ways, so it’s up to him now if he’ll accept their proposal. A recent interview with Billboard suggested he was in a downward spiral of mixing drugs and anger, which he vehemently denied in a video:

“Y’all gotta stop with this angry shit, going through drugs and all this other shit,” he said. “I’m tired of reading about some shit as soon as I got something popping. Soon as I want to promote a tour, party, or a fucking album, anything, y’all bring up something.”