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During episode 5 of his “Dray Day” podcast, Draymond Green touched on a major subject in hip-hop right now, Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj.  Remy kicked things off by dropping shETHER, a 7-minute diss track aimed at Ms. Minaj.  Nicki finally responded weeks later with a couple bars on her hit song “No Frauds,” featuring Drake and Lil Wayne.  Most people have taken sides in the femcee battle and the Golden State Warriors’ star appears to be Team Remy.

While discussing Nicki’s response, Green noted his issues, mainly how long it took her to fire back, and her putting Lil Wayne and Drake and on the track.

“I can’t really view it as a diss song. I can only view it as Nicki threw some shots in a song because you got Wayne on there, who I don’t even know what Wayne was talking about on there,” said Green. “Then you got Drake on there. They’re really just rapping. They ain’t dissing nobody. So to say this is a diss song… ‘ShETHER’ was a diss song.”

He added, “I feel like [Nicki] tried to use the level of her fans, Wayne’s fans, and Drake’s fans to boost the song up the chart. I feel like she was trying to use that as her diss.”

Green soon veered off and noted that Nicki often mentions his on-court nemesis, LeBron James.

“By the way, is Nicki Minaj gonna mention Bron in every song?” Green pondered. “Like, every song she has released since June 2016, there’s something about LeBron in it. I mean dang. LeBron is great but Jesus Christ. At some point, it just becomes too repetitive.”

Nicki has rapped about James on the recent songs “No Frauds,” “Don’t Hurt Me,” and “Swalla.”

He does appear to be joking, however, so take it lightheartedly! He even follows Nicki on IG, but not Remy!

You can listen from the 17:30 mark for this topic.

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