Photo Credit: Instagram / @AzealiaBanks

Azealia Banks can cross jail off the list as she will no longer be going. Instead, she was ordered to take anger management and mental health treatment after she bit a woman’s chest during an argument. The judge also ordered that Banks respect the restraining order that the woman filed against her and also not get into any more trouble with the law.

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If Banks can successfully complete these terms her charge will be reduced to disorderly conduct. If she does not, she will face time in jail. Banks has a history of lashing out. It has recently came out that she attempted to slash her sister in the neck, arm, and hand back in 2008. Let’s not forget the incident she had with Russell Crowe and even all the Twitter outburst with Rihanna and other celebs. Let’s just pray Banks can get the help she needs.

Source: TSR