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A woman who goes by the name Xian Bass is accusing Miguel of sexual assault, taking to Instagram to say that the “Adorn” singer pulled her breast out of her shirt after they took a selfie together recently.

Bass, who happens to be a singer herself, doesn’t appear to have filed a police report, but instead just took her account of events to Instagram. It’s moves like these that make many people (myself included) question the validity of a woman’s claims, as all it takes is a “juicy” story to achieve viral infamy these days, and many people have not been above lying on someone else to do so.

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Bass also made a video discussing the incident, and in it, explained how she told Miguel when they met that she has brought herself to orgasm many times while listening to “Adorn.” Who says that, and in a club of all places? And why? Now of course if what Bass accuses Miguel of is true, her telling him this info in NO way excuses his behavior. No type of words, suggestive or otherwise, are ever an open policy for unsolicited touching. (That is, unless the words were literally, “Touch me.”)

For now, I will reserve judgement until the facts are out, but I must admit I am skeptical.

A fan is accusing #Miguel of inappropriately touching her after she took a picture with him

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