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Fetty Wap is going to be yet another storyline on Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood this season! If you’ll recall, last season Masika Kalysha returned to the show, and her storyline was based around having a child with Fetty – who even agreed to be in a couple of scenes. Now this season, his other ex Alexis Sky is joining after moving from Atlanta! This should be interesting.

Reports say that filming began yesterday, and reportedly, Masika is NOT with the shits. She herself even tweeted that she refuses to help someone else be relevant – and I’m with her on that one. If Alexis’ whole story is based around beefing with Masika on this season, she needs a better hustle.

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Check out Masika’s tweets and a video of Hazel E., Nikki and Alexis filming together below. (Can I just say how much I hate that I actually know all of these chicks’ names and have never seen not one single episode of this show…LOL. Damn it, blogging career!)

Soooo this news is "breaking" on all the other blogs right now, but we been told you guys about #AlexisSky moving to LA…obviously this is the reason she was moving ???….we were waiting for her to make the announcement herself, so we wouldn't ruin the surprise for y'all …but it looks like #HazelE / #missNikkibaby have already spilled the beans before Lex could lol…some MORE TEA on this situation is that Lex tried meeting up with #MasikaKalysha last night to film a scene, but Sika absolutely REFUSED, then turned around to got in her car & left!!? So we don't know how well this is gonna work out for Lex, which is why we just kept it on the low… ? If Lex' role depends on Fetty & Sika's participation then she really has no role ? But it looks like she's mingling with Sika's enemies, so that's a great start ??? We will see how this goes, but Sika ain't having it…and she's not dumb enough to fall for the bait…? #TeaTENDERS #LHHLA

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