Joey is out promoting his sophomore album #ABBA right now and during a new interview he discusses the truth behind J. Cole getting his “Wave” beat and making False Prophetz out of it + more.

Joey shared some inside information about how Cole reached out to link up in the studio and he originally thought it was to do a song together:

“So I’m thinking, like, he wants me to get on a track or something like that […] We link up, I come to the studio, we politicking, and then he’s like, ‘I want to play you this record.’ Right, so I’m like, OK, still thinking this is a track for me to hop on. […] He finally got back to doing the things that he used to do, which just made him happy; like sitting on the couch watching Netflix or going on YouTube and just browsing beats. One day he was writing, and he resorted to his old way of writing, which was going on YouTube and writing [to] some beats, which is what most of us do. So he comes across the ‘Waves’ beat, and he knew it was mine and everything, but, like, he heard the beat and […] it just sparked something. […] To be honest, I didn’t know [“False Prophets”] was going to be, like, promoting the [4 Your Eyez Only] album; I didn’t know it was going to be on the radio every day. That sh*t is weird.”

The Brooklyn mc also goes into his comments made about beating Tupac in a rap battle, his upcoming album, and more below. Head to the 13:15 mark for J. Cole talk. #ABBA drops April 7th: