Wyclef Jean was briefly handcuffed in LA last night, after cops “mistook” him for an armed robbery suspect.

Clef and two women who were with him (one being his manager) were pulled over around 1:30 last night, because his car reportedly matched the vehicle used in the armed robbery, and he was wearing a “red bandana,” which the suspect also had. (He had his Haitian flag on, hardly a red bandana.) Now, clearly they have the wrong guy, so how did it come to cuffs?

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TMZ reports that one of the women got out of the vehicle “abruptly,” and simultaneously, Clef “reached toward his waistband” while talking to cops. This led to him being handcuffed for around 6 minutes, but they were released once deputies realized there were no women with the real suspect.

Turns out, the suspect was actually apprehended around the same time.