28-year-old James Harris Jackson has now turned himself in to the NYPD after stabbing a 66-year-old man. Jackson admitted to being on a racially motivated killing spree, meaning he had every intention on killing African-American people. Upon turning himself in, he said to the police, “You need to arrest me. I have a knife in my coat.”

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Jackson was a Army veteran of the war in Afghanistan. He was also apart of a white nationalist hate group. NYPD Assistant Chief William Aubrey says,

“It is believed he was specifically intending to target male blacks. It’s been well over 10-years that he has been harboring his hate towards blacks. The reason why he chose New York because it is the media capital of the world and he wanted to make a statement.”

Jackson traveled from Maryland to NYC, where he would walk the streets during the day and sleep in Midtown at night. This is so sad. Its even scary for the fact that you truly don’t know people’s intentions anymore. You can barely walk down the street without knowing if you are a target.

Source: NyDailyNews