Miguel is not quite beat for the woman he has went out of her way to “expose” singer Miguel for aledgedly touching her breast. As he was caught outside of the airport, Miguel got a chance to briefly speak on the situation. He believes that this was a matter of the woman trying to seek attention.

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Miguel brushed off the allegation but made it known that he thinks this girl is clearly here for a spotlight. He says in this age you have to be very aware of how things can be and also how they can be spun. Miguel says you can see the way he interacts with his fans and know if the story is true. He says the questions are not even worth answering at this point because the story is so false.

According to the woman, she went to a club and ran into Miguel. She asked him to take a photo and told him who she was and then started to explain a sexual history to his song to him. She then says after they took a photo, Miguel reached in her shirt and took his breast out of her shirt. So many questions to ask about that story. Of course we should hope that it did not go down like that but how did no one else see this ?

Source: TMZ