This story is truly heart wrenching. For the past couple of weeks, there has been numerous young women who have come up missing in the D.C. area and no one seems to know why. City officials are warning parents to keep an close eye on their children’s whereabouts. Ward 8 Councilmember Trayon White held a council meeting at Excel Academy Public Charter School in Southeast D.C. to try and find a solution.

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While there, a young women broke down as she spoke on not just her freedom but the freedom of other young children being taken away due to the fact that parents are afraid to even let their children out of their sight. The young girl constantly asks “why?” She questioned why can’t people just get along and why are people out to hurt “us.” She says we cant even live our lives without people being horrible to us. This video even bought tears to my eyes. I felt for this young girl. Being a african-american woman myself you can honestly feel her pain. The abnormal number of young women coming up missing D.C. is sickening, especially for those of us who have family members in that area. I pray that these young girls turn up soon and a solution is found to keep our women safe.

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