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In case you needed a reminder of how tough hockey players are, this incident from Thursday night will make it very clear if you aren’t squeamish. Ottawa Senators Marc Methot lost his fingertip and barely made a fuss about it after Sidney Crosby slashed him across the left hand.

Those gloves that players wear are very thick and made to protect their hands and fingers so the fact that Crosby was able to chop his fingertip off let’s you know how hard he swung his stick.

Amazingly there was no penalty called on the play and the league already said there will be no further investigation into the matter. The move by the league upset fans who believe they are letting Crosby get away with a serious infraction simply because he is the face of the league.

I’m sure the next time the Penguins and Senators play things will get very interesting.

Written by @IamJoeSports

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