I wanted to take my time with this post, We are close to the end of the year, and approaching the 100th Freestyle in the distance(about 14 joints away), we keep getting better and better, and #Freestyle086 with Tory Lane is def pushing that message with BARS!!!

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Now some of this was sexual talk, not sure if the ladies will generally appreciate it, especially with all this ‘Me Too’ talk, but besides that, he went in!!

I mean homie went straight for almost 10mins of just rapping, and did it it in one take!! He went in and out of diff style, dropped BARS that I feel were all res based on the fact he says ‘word to my bald spot’, T’mon, that’s FIRE!!!! ? Now a lot of it is braggadocio, which some don’t like, but that’s always been Hip Hop…‘And my JewLz like Dipset, and we on Cam like Dipset’… Fire ?!!!