(Video) NFL: Hines Ward Says NFL Players Need to Make Their Dates Sign a Contract

IFWT_Hines Ward Meredith Vieira

Okay the headline sounds a bit much but Hines Ward was making perfect sense, and some athletes actually do make women sign contracts.  Being an athlete today is more dangerous than it’s ever been according to Ward.  There’s more women trying to get fame and/or hit the jackpot courtesy of a famous athlete.  The Internet gives people more access and knowledge about these players as well as the quick and easy opportunity to spread news and information.

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Meteorologists Apologize For The “Big Storm” That Never Happened!


All of us East Coasters went to bed today thinking we’d wake up with 5 feet of white snow outside our homes with no way to even open our front doors for the next two days, according to meteorologists. Most people stayed up all night thinking work would be canceled due to the “historic” amount of snow we were supposed to be getting. WELP– looks like the joke is on us because it is perfectly fine outside! I woke up this morning to look outside and my block has snow, but only a few inches. Meteorologist Gary Szatkowski, who is in charge of the National Weather Service’s office in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, tweeted out a sincere apology via his Twitter account to say sorry for the huge mistake he and his team made when broadcasting the prediction for this storm that never came.

“My deepest apologies to many key decision makers and so many members of the general public,” Szatkowski says. “You made a lot of tough decisions expecting us to get it right, and we didn’t. Once again, I’m sorry.” Check out all of his apologetic tweets over in the gallery and let us know your stories from #Blizzard2015 below!

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(Video) Awkward AF: Kim Kardashian Talks About Bruce Jenner’s Gender Transition “Journey” On National TV!


Sometimes we’re not quite sure what goes on in Kim Kardashian’s head, but it calls for great television ratings because we never know what’s going to come out of her mouth. Kimmy Cakes will appear on Entertainment Tonight to speak on national TV about her step-father Bruce Jenner’s “journey” that the world is so interested in knowing more about. When we say journey, we’re talking about his rumored gender transition to become a woman. Whether it is true or not, Kim plans on using it to give herself more relevance in the world. Of COURSE we’re going to tune in because we’re all dying to know what exactly is going on with the former Olympic medal winner. He’s been spotted out numerous times wearing colored nail polish and looking like a straight up female.

Kim says, “I will say that I think Bruce should tell his story his way … I think everyone goes through things in life and I think that story and what Bruce is going through, I think he’ll share whenever the time is right.” Buttttttt… we need answers now! Kimmy’s full interview will be airing this evening (9/27) on Entertainment Tonight. I’m sure whether or not Bruce decides to become a chick, he has his family to support him. Super awk but hey, everyone is into different things (I guess.. right?!) See the sneak peek of Kim’s interview below.

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(Video) Kevin Gates Wanted By Police For Questioning After Shots Rang Off At His Concert!


Kentucky PD want to bring in rapper Kevin Gates for questioning because he is allegedly a key witness in a concert shooting that occurred at one of his shows in Lexington. The police were dispatched to Gates’ concert after shots rang off. Luckily, only a few people were hurt and one other person suffered a non-life threatening wound.

However, here is the kicker; Gates continued performing on stage after he blatantly heard shots being fired in the crowd of concert goers. The whole ordeal was caught on tape and you can see him carry on without even flinching. SUPER suspect and the cops believe that from the angle Gates’ was positioned on stage, he should have been able to have a nice view of the shooter. According to Kentucky Police, Gates has not responded back to come in for questioning. Well DUH! He’s probably too busy having sex with his cousin to respond back to the cops. (Like what else would he be doing, c’mon.) Check out the caught on tape footage from the crazy concert shooting below (and peep how Gates’ face did not change at cllllllllllll when the shots started flying in the audience.)

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(Video) NBA: Dennis Rodman Says Jay Z, Beyonce & Others Aren’t Trying to Fix the World Like He Is

IFWT_ Dennis Rodman Kim Jong Un 3

Dennis Rodman’s relationship with North Korea and their leader Kim Jon-un has been the subject of ridicule and plain old confusion.  Many people are wondering how the two polar opposites became good friends and others are extremely upset with Rodman considering North Korea’s volatile relationship with the USA and Kim Jon-un reportedly being a violent leader.  Rodman sat down for an emotional interview and explained what it is he’s trying to do and how it’s affected his life.

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(Photo) New Boo ? Sexy Blonde Hugged Up On Wale In #ManCrushMonday Post


Sexy Blonde Hugged Up On Wale In #ManCrushMonday Post
Looks like Wale found himself a new boo as he’s hugged up with a sexy blonde in which she posts #ManCrushMonday . Think Wale and this girl may be onto something ? Click Read More For the Details !!!

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(Video) NFL : LAWD ! Watch Kim Kardashian Show Off Her Ass in Her New Super Bowl Commercial


Fellas ! Do not Miss out by not watching this Commercial I swear it is the best decision of your life !
Kim Kardashian is put in almost every debate about whose ass is the best ? Well We Can argue Nicki Minaj , J-Lo and many others but it looks like in this new Super Bowl Commercial the bar is set to the Sky ! Click into the post to Watch Kim Kardashian Show Off Her Ass in Her New Super Bowl Commercial

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Travi$ Scott Announces ” Rodeo Tour ” With Young Thug And Metro Boomin

IFWT_travis scott

So Travi$ Scott has definitely been buzzing lately since he recently dropped his project “Days before Rodeo ” Late last year and already stirring up his huge colt like following for his upcoming tour in 2015 . Jump right into the post for the details !

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(Photo) Is KeKe Palmer Dating August Alsina ?


Is KeKe Palmer Dating August Alsina
So Keke Palmer has ended her most recent relationship and its pretty easy to say that the young actress is on the market ! The Television and Movie Star has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram so the fan base real , but its safe to say that nor her or potential new boyfriends fan bases will be too happy if any of this is true . Click into the Post for Details !!!!

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Mmmm.. Amazin Amie Gives Us A Full View Of That DONK In A Thong.. LAWD!


Model Amazin Amie strips down and flicks it up for the camera giving us a full view of her FLAWLESS body. LAWD.. she is so bad! Fellas– hit the gallery and check out the flicks for yourself!

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