(Video) OUCH: A Rap Battle Turns Into A Smack-Cam Session


I honestly love a good rap battle, although, the last one I saw [Fredro Starr & Keith Murray] traumatized me for a while; I love seeing where an artist is lyrically. However, there’s the intensity of a rap battle session that leaves me on the edge of my seat. One never knows if those verbal jabs are going to be hard enough to push the opponent over the edge. For the most part, things don’t get hectic; that was until this most recent rap battle between Charron and K-Shine.

Charron brought a prop to the battle, a fake gun. K-Shine was not feeling the prop, so he slapped it out of his opponent’s hand. Said opponent smacked K-Shine’s hat off of his head, which caused all H-E-Double hockey sticks to break loose. SMACK!

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(Fellas Check The Pics) India Love’s Body Is FLAWLESS.. Oh My Gawd!

India Love

Fellas, check out some MUST-SEE flicks of India Love in the gallery looking absolutely flawless!

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(Photo) Migos Announce “Migo Money” Mixtape [Cover Art]


Despite the fact that one of their members has remained behind bars for some months, that has not stopped the other two members from releasing project after project. The current duo decided that they would continue with new music with the announcement of an upcoming mixtape, Migo Money, which will feature beats by DeeMoney.

Although there is no definitive release date, Migos makes fans patiently wait with the release of two new singles, “Story of YRN” and “I Told You”.

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Get Ready For ‘The Incredible World Tour’ With Logic


Logic is “very excited to announce” The Incredible World Tour, which is scheduled to begin on February 5. The 56-city tour stop will span over the beginning of 2016 ending May 10 in Stockholm, SE.

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NFL: Tom Brady After Patriots 1st Loss of Season: ‘I don’t think I’ve ever been so pissed off after a loss’

Tom Brady

The New England Patriots suffered their first loss of the season on Sunday night in overtime to the Denver Broncos.  Quarterback Tom Brady has suffered some tough losses in his career (including the Super Bowl) but he ranked last night as up there with the worst.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Miracle Watts Shows Us Her Chunky Pound Cake!

IFWT_Miracle Watts

Fellas, check out Miracle Watts and all her goodies in the gallery!

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(Photo) Young Thug’s Baby Mama Blasts Him For Being A Dead Beat Dad

_Did Young Thug Propose To His Girlfriend Jerrika Karlae

Just a few moths after being blasted by social media for being a dead beat dad, when a video of his daughter repeatedly saying “I’m m*thaf*ckin tired” went viral and his baby mama was outed for selling drugs on the ‘gram, rapper Young Thug is back in the hot seat. In most recent Instagram posts his baby mama labeled him a dead beat in a scathing IG posting telling the world he doesn’t take care of his daughter.

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(Video/Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant’s Full Retirement Press Conference & Player Reactions

IFWT_Kobe presser

Kobe Bryant announced his upcoming retirement via a poem on the Players Tribune.  Following the Lakers game against the Pacers, Bryant held a press conference and officially addressed the big news.

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(Video) A$AP Ferg Surprises Fan At Her Wedding

A$AP Ferg

A$AP Ferg was recently Down Under for a series of shows back in May, when he was approached by a fan with a special request during a meet-and-greet. Michael Dawson’s bride-to-be listened to Ferg “pretty much 24/7,” and he thought it would be awesome to have him appear at their upcoming nuptials. After getting in contact with Ferg’s management prior to the show and meet-and-greet, they arranged for him to attend to be able to put in the request to Ferg himself. They warned him that Ferg may say no, but that didn’t stop him…and good thing it didn’t!

“He introduced us and I gave him my spiel,” Michael explains. “I was so surprised when he said ‘Yeah sure’, he was actually super down with it.” So dope of Ferg! Check out the video below to see the end result. As for how the wedding guests took it:

“The language raised a few eyebrows among the older family members who had no idea who he was but amongst our friends it was pretty huge.”


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(Video) Kicks: Air Jordan 1 CYBER MONDAY Sneaker Review With Dj Delz!


Dj Delz is back with another Sneaker Addict Epidsode today is also Cyber Monday with that being said Dj Delz Gives us a look at the Air Jordan 1 Cyber Monday kicks that just released this morning Dj Delz gives us a full detailed review followed by his opinions on this Air Jordan 1 Cyber Monday sneaker. Peep Dj Delz Full Detailed Review Of The Air Jordan 1 Cyber Monday Sneaker After The Jump….

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