(Photo) The Game Calls For Donation After Man Was Killed


Through all the police violence that we’ve experienced this summer, it hasn’t ended yet. The Game posted on his Instagram this morning that a man was killed 2 days ago by police and is asking people to donate to the family of the man who was killed.

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(Photo) Man On the Run After Admitting Murder On Facebook

IFWT_Anthony Macneill

A situation like this has become all too common in today’s world. People committing a crime and admitting it through social media. This man actually admitted to committing a murder on Facebook and is currently on the run.

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(Video) Kanye West Didn’t Rehearse For His VMA Performance Tonight

ifwt_Kanye West MAIN

As you may have heard already in the beginning of the week, Kanye West is getting 4 minutes on the VMA stage to do whatever he pleases tonight. The content of what he’s doing however, is top secret. In fact, it’s so top secret he hasn’t even showed up for rehearsal.

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(Photo) More Evidence Of A Drake-Kanye West Album In a LA Billboard


This colab album might actually be a reality. Hit the jump to see what I mean.

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(Video) The Story Of a 85 Year-Old Grannie Shoplifting From Jewelry Stores


Nobody is innocent out here. Even grandmas are breaking the law lol. Hit the jump to see her story.

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(Video) Woman Claiming Domestic Abuse Against Fiancee Is Caught Beating Herself On Surveillance Footage


Tuh! So a woman called for help. Her tragedy? She had been abused by her fiance. But her claims weren’t exactly true. In fact it was a straight up lie! Her fiancee must be thankful for cameras cause it likely saved him some jail time. Check out the video after the jump.

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Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ Has Already Been Illegally Downloaded Over 750k Times


Frank Ocean stay winning…kinda. This is an accomplishment on its own but wheres the money for Frank? lol

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(Video) Lil Wayne Says “Fuck Cash Money”


Its been almost two years since the beef between Wayne and his camp began. Since then its like they’ve had an on and off relationship. Recently things seemed cool but, not so fast. Today a video has come out of Weezy saying “Fuck Cash Money” at one of his latest shows. Check out the video and more on this story after the jump.

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(Video) Oklahoma Police Pepper Spray 84 Year Old Black Woman, Tase Her Son

IFWT_Chicago Police

The Body Cam Footage has been released of a police encounter in Oklahoma. In the video the police disgustingly pepper spray an 84 year old woman and tase her son. In the video her son is tased, once tased the woman comes out to see what is going on. She is told to turn around and 40 seconds or so later, although posing no threat, the 84 year old woman is pepper sprayed by one of the officers. Check out the horrible video after the jump.

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(Video) 49ers Fan Burn’s Collin Kaepernick Jersey


Collin Kaepernick took over headlines the other day when he refused to stand for the American National Anthem. Fans have reacted differently some heralding the athlete others; not so much. Today a fan posted a video burning the star QB’s jersey and something tells me this is just the first of many hateful videos to come. Check out the video and more on the story after the jump.

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