(Video) LOL! If Drake Had Different Jobs


With Drake releasing “Views From The 6” recently, leaving everyone in a frenzy. Famous youtuber IISuperwomanII decides to make a hilarious video of Drake working at different jobs. Check it out.

(Video) Hilarious! Manager Curses Out Customers At a Drive Thru


Nothing says great customer service than flipping off your customers at a fast food drive thru, while Desiigner is playing in the background… God Bless America.

(Photo) NFL: Odell Beckham Jr Has The Perfect Response To Troll Asking Which Bathroom He Uses


Social media is the place where you can sit back and talk all the sh*t you want and not have the worry of any repercussions. Every once in a while however, when you attempt to troll someone, you wind up getting the reaction you may, or may not have been asking for. One such troll learned that yesterday when he called Odell Beckham Jr’s gender into question. OBJ, who is known to sometimes not ignore his social media comments, decided to let the kid know in only a few words how he could find out. Check the gallery!

(Video) Sportscaster Fired After On Air Tribute To Prince


What type of nonsense is this? I certainly hope this story continues to go viral and the powers that be feel some backlash. Dan Phillips, a sportscaster in Nashville, TN, was reportedly fired after working at the station for more than ten years because he did a short on air tribute to Prince as he went into highlights of a hockey game.

(Video) Republican Presidential Candidate John Kasich Says People Are Probably Born Gay


Out of the three GOP candidates currently running for President it seems like John Kasich is the only one with a set a brains (yet he’s losing badly in the polls, smh). Check out how he tackles the question “Are people born gay?” Now, it’s not a perfect answer but he says a whole lot coming from a Republican.

NFL: Report, Dolphins & Laremy Tunsil Believe Former Financial Advisor Hacked Him & Posted Smoking Video


By now everyone is aware of the insane night Laremy Tunsil had during the NFL draft. On the biggest night of his life someone tried to ruin him by hacking his social media and posting a video of him smoking and posting text messages where he was discussing getting money from Ole Miss coaches. The main person thought to have been behind the leak was his stepfather, Lindsey Miller, who is currently suing Tunsil and the two do not have a good relationship. As it turns out, Tunsil has ruled Miller out as a suspect and he and the team believe it may have been a former financial advisor.

(Video) Farrah Abraham’s Instagram Comment Has People Upset!


Uh Oh! ‘Teen Mom’ star, Farrah Abraham, has some explaining to do!

(Video) Sports: Warren G Sings Terrible Rendition Of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”


I’m not really sure how Warren G wound up being the Chicago Cubs choice to sing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” in the first place but it didn’t take long to realize they made a bad decision. As they went into the seventh inning stretch, Warren got on the mic and it seemed like he was off to a good start, telling everyone to “mount up” regulators style but then it was downhill from there.

(Video) Awkward! Kelly Rowland’s Reaction To Questions About Lemonade


If you’re interviewing Kelly Rowland, don’t come around these parts asking her about “Lemonade”. She answers the reporters questions but is quick to switch it up and get “back to what Im here to talk about”

Tracy Morgan Remembers Prince


In an interview comedian, Tracy Morgan, did with The Hollywood Reporter he shares some heartfelt memories and special feelings he had towards the legendary singer Prince.

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