(Photos) So Duke Has A Porn Star And Columbia Has… An Escort??

Remember Belle Knox? She was a freshman at Duke University, living a normal life. That is, until one of her classmates discovered her as a moonlighting porn star. According to Knox, she began to work in the industry to pay what her financial aid couldn’t cover. But, in the time since, a student from Columbia University has revealed himself to be a male escort. Get his story after the jump.

(Video) NCAA: Duke University Porn Star Says If Duke Wins It All, She’ll Give Every Player A …

Good incentive or nah?! I’m not sure if this will motivate Duke men’s basketball team?! Lol.  Check out what Belle Knox (the girl who was recently outed as a student putting herself through college by doing porn) said she would give the team if they win the title…

(Photos) The Student That Outed Duke University’s Porn Star Faces Backlash… No Pun Intended.

According to sources, Thomas Bagley says that he regrets outing the Duke University student that funds her education by doing porn. Because of his tattling, both he and star, Belle Knox, are facing heavy criticism. While Belle’s comes mainly from her peers at school, Bagley’s is from all over. In fact, a CEO in the porn industry bashed the Duke undergrad for his actions. Check out his hilarious open letter after the jump.

(Video)College Tuition Is Hard Out Here For A Pimp! Duke University Student Is Doing What To Fund Education?!

So in educational news today, Duke University student comes forth owning up to the fact she is paying for her college in a non traditional way… Gone are the days of women busing tables at restaurants for tips, being a friendly Barista at the local Star Bucks on campus, or hell even taking out a good old Private loan to help with the cost of education. Yesterday Duke University student,referred to by her stage name “Belle Knox”, admitted to doing porn to help pay for the rising cost of eh…..education.

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