NFL: Michael Vick took to Twitter to promote his new website up tomorrow!

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl – Should be interesting what the site will look like.   Right now if you go to the site, you can vote for him for the Pro Bowl.  BTW, congrats to Vick on being top QB in the league right now! MikeVick Was just told to let you’ll know my site will be up tomorrow !

Verizon will sync you up with Flexview!!!

This is kinda tough and shows why Verizon is leader of the pack! Flex View(Good name huh) brings FiOS TV On Demand even when you’re away from the cable box. Up to five devices (all set-top boxes in the home collectively count as one device) can be authorized for viewing of any titles rented through Video On Demand and can even be played offline on PCs running its Media Manager software or smartphones. The feature that allows users to keep personal content like music, video files and pictures synced across all three screens is due next year, and we are waiting patiently!!! @TatWza

iPhone’s Skyfire Browser App one THE Most Popular

A few weeks ago we wanted to tell you about a cool browser app that let’s you play Flash-based video’s other than youtube on your iPhone(since flash and apple dont see eye to eye, but then skyfire reported that the app was “Sold Out”, which really meant they couldn’t keep up with the demand! And after letting you know about KiK and them shutting down from US(yeah I said it, cause its true, we put them on) I didn’t want to tell you guys about something that wasn’t available, but Skyfire has some what opened back up for biz, and now they are one of the most popular apps, and have made $1M selling about 300k copies at $2.99 a pop!!! Check the Skyfire CEO on CNN after the jump!!! @TatWza

The Queen of England Now Has a Facebook Page!!!

Ok So Facebook is mos def the biggest Social Media site Hands Down!!! The Queen of England Now Has a Facebook page with a high rate of accumulating fans/friends as she did like 40k in her 1st hour on!!!! She’s up to 174k and climbing, and apparently posting pics and everything, Not Mad at her highness for staying relevant out here!!!! Let’s keep our eye out for a twitter account now, or maybe she’ll get on KiK @TatWza

Palin Under Fire for Anti-Obama Tweet… “she has the nerve to talk about anybody with a pic like this?!” -funk flex

Palin recently “favorited” a tweet on her verified Twitter account that contained a photograph of a sign outside of a church that read: “The blood of Jesus against Obama history made 4 Nov 2008 a Taliban Muslim illegally elected president USA: Hussein.” Read more after the jump…

Smartphone(iPhone, Android, BB) Mount for Navigation….Pretty Tough!!!!

Smartphone Navigation is Big in Road travel nowadays, with apps like Google maps, and whatever carrier navigator ie vzw navigator, and so There are other universal Windshield mounts for Smartphones to help with that navigation so your phone isn’t just whipping around on the dash to the floor making you pick it up, taking your eyes off the road(causing accidents), But the Parrot Minikit Windshield mount is more than just a universal mount! It has an integrated speaker and telescoping microphone that connects to your phone over Bluetooth, boosting your phones lower internal speaker so that you can better hear directions and, of course, make hands-free calls. There’s also a USB pass-through, so that you can not only charge this unit while driving but charge your phone! This thing is Pretty Cool but when you take your phone out, be sure to take the mount out too, because it goes for $129, and car thieves would break in just for that!!! @TatWza

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