Tech Talk News: BlackBerry Bold 9900 in 10 Minutes

Everything you need to know about the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in 10 minutes. Well, maybe not everything, but this will give you a pretty solid look at the Bold 9900’s hardware and BlackBerry 7 software. @TatWZA @Yungjohnnybravo

10 Brands That Could Disappear In 2015

24/7 Wall St identifies 10 American brands that will disappear at the end of 2015. They do this list every year. Read more to see which brands made it to the goodbye list for next year.

US Government To Drop Blackberry; Blackberry Responds!!

Well, this might be the last of the blackberry user’s, the US Government, But it’s almost over for the once king and 1st of the smartphones! The White house is Finally giving up the keys for that good touch interface!

Attention ALL Blackberry Users…It’s A Matter Of Time!!!

Forecasters are saying BB users should prep to get another device, as BB services could come to an end in the next 12 months. Choosing 1 of the top 3 would prob be best, iOS, Android or Windows(Biggie, Jay Z, or Nas). The issue is getting those users up to 2013/2014 speed. If you have gone from a BB to one of the aforementioned OS’s, you know it’s not a hard transition, but it def is something you’d have to take your time with.

BlackBerry Will Release A New Phone With HOW Big Of A Screen???

BlackBerry recently announced the company will be coming out with Z30 real soon. The new device has a 5 inch screen display and will run on BlackBerry 10.2 OS. Check out a video preview after the jump.

WTF Is Up With BlackBerry ? WHO Just QUIT ??!

It hasn’t even been a month since Blackberry fired its U.S. sales Chief and already two more high level executives have left too !! Hit the jump for the details..

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