Kris Jenner Details Her Craziest Sex Story With Bruce Jenner Before He Was A She!

As one could imagine, it has been a tough road for Kris Jenner after her husband of 20+ years decided to become a full-blown woman. However, it doesn’t change the fact that they shared years of memories together. In a recent interview with Cosmo, MOMager Kris Jenner detailed her wildest sex story with Bruce (before he turned into Caitlyn) and it is half disturbing and half comical (not quite sure which side we’re leaning more towards).

Bruce Jenner’s Ex Wife Tells All!!

As an ode to her life with Bruce, Ex wife Linda Thompson opens up to Huffington Post. For the longest she was portrayed as his estranged ex wife and mother to his sons Brandon and Brody. The blog tells every little detail of their life together down to the moment Bruce planned his sex change in the 80’s and wanted to reemerge into his sons lives as, “Aunt Heather!”

(Photos) Burt Jenner Blasts “Fake” Supporters?

Shots fired?…Bruce Jenner’s public transition has been heavy for his family, friends, and even America to handle. But while lots of emotions were triggered from the first announcement to now, looks like some family members are fed up with the circus act around him and may or may not have just ready-aimed-fired. Is it the case that Burt Jenner Blasts “Fake” Supporters in his latest Twitter rant?

Say WHAT?! Either Kendall Jenner Has Been Hacked Or She Admitted To “Slobbing On Justin Bieber’s Knob”

We live in a world where technology and social media is our main source of news. With that being said, if we read something via one of our favorite celebs Twitter or Instagram pages, we are most likely going to believe it. Kendall Jenner went on a tweeting spree and posted a bunch of very vulgar tweets regarding her father Bruce Jenner’s sex change and her rumored boo Justin Bieber. The tweets were since then taken down, so I’m going to assume it was a mean attempt at hacking the young model’s page. But knowing these Kardashian/Jenner girls– they have NO shame in their online game. Check out Kendall’s provocative tweets about slobbing on Justin Bieber’s knob over in the gallery. Whether it’s true or not, I’m not quite sure if she would actually decide to tweet that out to her 10.2 Million followers but eh, who knows. #DoItForTheRatings.

(Video) Khloe K Slams Jamie Foxx And Calls His Recent Bruce Jenner Joke A “Low Blow”

Whoops, looks like funny man Jamie Foxx may have ruffled some feathers at the iHeart Music Awards on last week. According to reports, members of the Kardashian clan are definitely feeling some type of way about a dig Foxx made towards the Patriarch of the Jenner/ Kardashian household. In a recent interview the most vocal of the clan, Khloe K slams Jamie Foxx and calls his recent Bruce Jenner joke A “Low Blow”? Watch her candid response to the shade her dear old step dad is being subjected to after speculation on his highly talked about transition to womanhood.

That Whhhaaaattt? Sources Claim Kris Knew Bruce Jenner Wanted To Be A Woman For YEARS!

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I find this entire Bruce Jenner/ gender transition stuff a little crazy. Reports are now surfacing from sources close to both sides that Kris Jenner, who was married to Bruce for 20+ years, knew for quite some time that Bruce was facing “issues with his sexuality” to the point he was considering undergoing the “change” years ago, way before they decided to get a divorce. If you read any story speaking on Bruce’s transition, it always says that Kris was completely in the dark about the entire thing. However, that may not be 100% truthful. Sources are claiming that Kris is playing dumb because she feels it could hurt her beloved brand that we all know she works so hard at maintaining (I guess sex tape> gender transition). Sources are also adding that Bruce’s sons are also furious at Kim for “stealing Bruce’s shine” by going out of her way to discuss his transition publicly on E!. It’s just so crazy watching Bruce on a reality TV show for years and all of a sudden he’s just slowly turning into a chick. I kind of feel like this entire thing is a joke and they’re going to have a big special just to be like “ha, jokes on you!” Like b*tch, WHET?! #WhereDeyDoDatAt?! These famous people are crazy, bruh. C R A Z Y!

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