(Photos) The Kardashians Stand By Bruce Jenner In A Bunch Of “Family First” Posts!

After Kris and Bruce Jenner decided to call it quits and get a divorce, there have been a million tabloid stories about the former Olympic champ’s life just unraveling before his eyes. Many are saying Bruce is going through a sex change to become a female (and there are tons of pics, too) which I’m sure is very hard on the family. However, I highly doubt Bruce Jenner is REALLY trying to become a woman. Regardless of his personal gender transformation, Khloe, Kourtney, Kim, Kylie and Kendall show their support for their father/ step-father via Instagram after they all posed for a group picture with Jenner. All of the girls posted it up onto their pages with a caption that reads something about the importance of family. For whatever reason, Kendall was the only sister who chose not to repost the photo. It is heart-warming to see the family all together. Love it! Check it out over in the gallery.

(Photos) Bruce Jenner Looks More Different Than Usual

Bruce Jenner – Kim Kardashian West step dad has been known for having numerous surgeries on his face. There were all these rumours about him wanting to change his sex or at least look like a different sex. All of which cannot be confirmed however he does look very different in his recent photo. Take a look after the jump…

Together… Again?! Kris Jenner Was Seen Holding Hands With Her Estranged Husband!

Rumors about a sex change might be floating around but it hasn’t stopped Bruce and estranged wife Kris Jenner to keep the media from talking. Bruce he returned to L.A. holding hands with his estranged wife today. Kris Jenner was smiling for cameras as she and Bruce walked out of LAX with a tight grip on each other, maybe forgetting about the fact that they separated back in October. Although, they’re coming back from a Kardashian family trip to Thailand for their TV show, so hard to say what’s real and what’s just for cameras.

Um, GROSS! You’ll Never Guess Which DISGUSTING Cosmetic Surgery Bruce Jenner Is Having Done!

I understand when you’re a celebrity and have tons of money, it’s cool to get all types of cosmetic surgeries to maintain your “youthful” look. However, some of these people take it WAY overboard! Bruce Jenner met for a consolation with a well-known Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for a Laryngeal Shave, which smoothes out the adam’s apple and makes it smaller. Yep, he took it there.

(Video) Erick Sermon Speaks Up On Hip-Hop Not Being A Place For Transgenders

Hip Hop legend, Erick Sermon speaks up on Hip-Hop’s tolerance level for transgender lifestyles. It’s an age old question and with every passing day the urgency and need for an answer grows. “Is hip hop ready to embrace transgenders? Erick doesn’t think at this stage in the game transgender performers represent the Hip-Hop culture accurately or appropriately and for that reason, there simply isn’t room for them. Check out the video after the jump.

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