Apple Has Something NEW Coming!!!

According to sources, Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn has already started production on iPhone 5s and is being manufactured on the same production line as the iPhone 5. Apple may launch the Iphone5S in August according to Imore. Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5s and a lower-cost iPhone along with its updated operating system in June

New iPad Mini Could Drop In April!!!!

  New news is speculating that Apple may release their 5th gen iPad as early as April. So far the 5th gen iPad casings have leaked from Foxconn, which does;nt mean that Apple will release a new iPad as early as April jsut means they are already in the works. Also the word on the new iPads are dont expect any big design changes (of course not) but expect a minor spec upgrades like better battery life. Is Apple releasing another iPad mini too early. In my opinion yeah, instead of pushing the specs up a little bit, but overhaul the entire device.

Oh Now Apple Plans On Dropping The 5s and Cheaper iPhone When???

  It was first reported that Apple would launch 2 new devices this summer.  The first would be the cheaper iPhone which would launch in May supposedly and the 5S in mid summer. Now Barclays Capital analysts, Chinese-language tech blog EMSOne reports that Apple will launch both phones in August. No actual date, still all rumored but both Foxconn and Pegatron will be on hand to manufacture both phones. When confirmed news hits stay intuned with #IFWT for further updates.  

iPhone 5s Images Leak!!

  We just reported that Apple is working on their Apple Air or Mini but word just leaked Apple is now in the production stages of their iPhone 5.  Chinese website broke the news (or the pics) on the net, the leaked pics are said to be from  Foxconn factory which makes the iPhone . After the break check out the leaked images.  

Tech Talk News: Amazon Smartphone Coming In 2013??

According to the Taiwan Economic News Amazon has contracted Foxconn to build the long awaited Kindle smartphone. And the rumors are saying the phone should be ready for 2013.  According to Digitimes Amazon has order over 5 million phones from Foxconn.  No word on what OS the phone would be running but the chances are they would be using Android to run the smartphone. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Apple A5 & A6 Chips Not So Foreign ??

Apple mentioned they’re in the process of moving some of their manufacturing to the states. By 2013, they should have a large portion of iMac’s being assembled within the states. One of the most important parts of the iPhone & iPad is already made here in the good ol’ USA. Hit the jump for the story. Tat Wza

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