(Video) We Had the Ice Bucket Challenge, Now Mexico’s New Trend Involves Snorting Coke

After the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge, a swarm of new internet challenges emerged. In Mexico, this new challenge is absolutely shocking. Hit the jump to see what it is.

(Photo) Find Out How Much Your Ice Bucket Challenges Helped !

Just last year The Ice Bucket Challenge trend spread quickly across the world. Over 17 million people participated in a challenge to raise awareness for ALS. ALS awarness made a huge impact on the world , even made its way on TV as the hit show Empire incorporated ALS in a major part of the show by having one of the main characters Luscious Lyons being diagnosed with the disease. Although a few people did the challenge before actually knowing about ALS , it allowed them all to be educated as to why the ice was needed in the challenge. ALS causes your nerves to have spasm that would feel similar to the feeling of having a bucket of ice thrown on you. Find out how your videos and donations have helped in a big way!

(18+ Video) Ewww! The Last Ice Bucket Challenge You’d Want To See

I mean thank god the ALS organization reached a high number for research already because this is NOT encouraging anyone to recreate or contribute, unless you count someone paying to get this lady OFF your screen!

Teen Gets Fined For Nominating European Dictator For Ice Bucket Challenge!!

Talk about overdramatic! A teen in Belarus could face fines for nominating the Dictator of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. The teen posted the video online and received a call from the police not too long after. He was told if that him along with everyone in the video can receive fines for the nomination! Crazy! Hit the jump for more details!

(Video) Kim K Finally Does The Ice Bucket Challenge!!!!!

Better late than never, right? Kim Kardashian finally did the ice bucket challenge. Kim will be appearing on the premiere week for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In a new teaser clip just released Kim does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge…

(Photos) Fabolous Rants About People Doing ASL Ice Bucket Challenge & Posting Joan Rivers To Be Down?!

Now we know why we didn’t get an Ice Bucket Challenge nomination from the Brooklyn rapper known as Fabolous. Yesterday after the reports of the death of Joan Rivers Loso took to Twitter to air a few things out. From 4:07pm-4:37pm Fab let all his feelings be known about how he felt towards people doing the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge, and saying R.I.P to Joan Rivers. “Such a follow, do what everybody else think is cool so that’s what ima do generation” Fabolous wrote on Twitter. “Shit is sick.” Read more after the jump.

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