Kinect Hack Turn Tetris Into An A.R. 3D Explosion!!

Kinect has been used to Hack so Many things, it’s exhausting to trying to keep count, but a college student has given another, and it’s Pretty cool, hit the Jump to see the video of how it works. @TatWza

(Video) Kinect Hack For Another “BIG” Movie !!!!


(Video) Tech Talk Hack: Kinect Is Great For Business???

Well thanks to a device Hack with some Presentation Software, and the Kinect, Giving you the Best damn office presentation you ever had!! I mean pinch to zoom, words moving out of your way when you move across the screen, kinda tough, hit the Jump to see it in action for yourself! +TatWZA

Tech Talk Hack: Record Video With The Kinect For The iPad!!!

This is a different type of Cool!!! What this Modder/Hacker has done here is taken the Kinect and the String SDK to develop a way to record 3D Video to playback on the iPad, Clean!!! Hit the Jump to see the Video! Tat WZA

Tech Talk Hack: Futuristic Minority Report With The Kinect!!!

It’s almost not a Hack since Microsoft released an SDK(Software Developers Kit) for the Kinect to Windows, and this Dude, Kevin, has developed a program for the Kinect on Windows thats as about as close to the Minority Report as can be, and it’s still in Beta, so it can only get better! Hit the Jump and let me know what you think!! Tat WZA

Xbox Kinect Gets Another Cool ‘Movie Type’ Hack!!!!

We Told You about the Predator Hack Somebody performed on Xbox Kinect, Well Now somebody has Hacked it to give it a Minority Report Feel, Kinda…Let me know what you think?? @TatWza

Hacker Has Kinect Make Him Disappear!!!!

Predator Watch Out!! A Japanese coder(Hacker) by the name of Takayuki Fukatsu has exploited(Hacked) the versatile openFrameworks to give Kinect a mode where it tracks your movement and position, but turns the dull details of your visage into an almost perfectly transparent outline. @TatWza

Tech Talk Bots: Kinect Controls Quadrocopters!!!

Ok Why not give you another Kinect Hack today, especially when this one is cool enough to have Quadrocopters involved!! The kinect lets this dude control the Copters with Motion Guestures, Cool as hell!!! Watch it after the Jump!! Tat WZA

The Eye That The Kinect Created!!!

It’s actually a Cooperate Hack that The Technology Studio created using a Hack, but You have to see it for yourself. @TatWza

Web Browsing With Kinect???

Another Hack But with Microsoft releasing a SDK for Kinect these are so much more then simple hacks anymore, It’s Software Development!! See Video In Details. @TatWza

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