(Video) Lisa Evers Reveals New Details About Taxstone x Troy Ave Irving Plaza Incident

On Monday, podcast personality Taxstone was arrested in connection with the shooting at a T.I. concert at Irving Plaza back in May, that left one dead and multiple people wounded – including rapper Troy Ave. Ave was caught on camera firing a gun and was immediately arrested, and is currently out on bail awaiting trial. He has maintained his innocence in the murder the entire time, and now new reports are saying that cops may have enough evidence to actually pin the murder on Tax. He is currently out n $500k bail. In a new video posted by Hot97 and FOX News’ Lisa Evers, the reporter gave details she received from police about the matter, explaining how authorities believe the incident unfolded. This is going to get intense!

(Video) Fox 5 & Hot 97 Present ‘Street Soldiers With Lisa Evers’ EP 2 “Racial Stereotypes”

Incase you missed it, last week on Fox aired the first episode of Hot97’s ‘Street Soldiers With Lisa Evers.’ The debut episode tackled the major issue of the use of the ‘N-Word’ in Hip Hop. This week Lisa Evers is back and in her quest to get to the bottom of major issues that effect not only the Hip-Hop community but all communities, she’s breaking down racial stereotypes. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Fox 5 & Hot 97 Present “Street Soldiers With Lisa Evers” EP 1 ‘The N-Word’

I am SO proud to post this 1st TV episode of “Street Soldiers With Lisa Evers” since she is like family to us at IFWT! Lisa started on the radio quite some time ago(I used to be the engineer for the radio show many moons ago), but to transition to TV is incredible!! Lisa Evers gets to the bottom of big topics that affect not just the Hip Hop community but really the world!!

(Audio) Funk Flex – Lisa Evers – TT Torrez Speak On Grand Jury Decision For Eric Garner Death

Grand Jury Decision For Eric Garner Death, Today’s the Grand Jury Decision For Eric Garner Death has the country on it’s head again, last week Ferguson, today is NYC, people are dying by the hand of the police, we want to know what can be done, Flex, Lisa TT, and federal Lawyer Charles Coleman ‘talk about it’.

Lisa Evers Celebrates Hip Hop On Good Day New York

Lisa Evers was on FOX’ “Good Day New York” to celebrate Hip Hop. While there she had DJ Kool Herc, Ralph McDaniels, Biz Markie and more s guest. Our very own Funk Flex and DJ Enuff were amongst those who were part of this Hip Hop special.

Lisa Evers [@LISAEVERS] Reports, Gangs Of New York – It’s Getting Worse!

Lisa Evers makes her way over to the Bronx (same area where 14-year-old, Shaaliver Douse was shot by police) where she finds that many young boys are being FORCED into gangs. If not, there will be consequences for them, or even their families. Boys as young as 9-years-old are being scouted for by already members, and if that’s not bad enough, it makes things even worse for young kids who want to do something with themselves. “Gangs always come to us, and ask us if we want to be a part of the crew…,” says one teen.”We have basically no choice,” to join, he adds. Why would you want to be around a person you threatened to be around you…betrayal in the near future! So sad! Hit the jump and check it out.

Lisa Evers On Scene…. Charges Against NYPD Officer Who Fatally Shot Ramarley Graham Dropped

HOT 97 & FOX 5’s Lisa Evers in the Bronx where a judge threw out the manslaughter charges against NYPD officer who fatally shot and killed 18 year old Ramarley Graham. He was shot at close range in his own home and was unarmed. A bag of weed was found near his body.

Lisa Evers On Scene: All Out Brawl Caught On Tape!!!

HOT 97 and FOX 5’s Lisa Evers has this video of a vicious beat down that happened last Friday near Astoria Park in Queens, NY USA. The victims are middle school girls who tell Lisa they were beaten by high school bully girls for some unknown reason. One girl was beaten so badly she had to get 8 stitches over her eye and a shot because she was bitten on her arm. The other girl had 2 black eyes and bruises all over her body. They plan to press charges and get the bullies who attacked them arrested.

(Photo) Erica Mena Talks Book, Rumors & More With Lisa Evers About Wed. At 10pm Fox 5 News

Lisa Evers On Scene…. Joe Budden Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Joe Budden in an exclusive tv news interview tells HOT 97 & FOX 5′ Lisa Evers he’s telling the truth about his substance abuse to save lives! Click below to find out more.

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