(Video) Boy Curses At His Mother After Spending $500 On Her Credit Card To Buy A PS4

Some parents just allow too much and its pretty unacceptable. In a video, we see a mother and son arguing over a game the son purchased with his mother’s credit card. The two started going back and forth when the young boy spit out curse words to his mom. She kept threatening to call his father on him. Not sure what that was really going to do if this young man was already that comfortable being disrespectful to his mother.

ISIS Terrorist Help Desk Uses WhatsApp, YouTube, And PS4

Customer service now has a new industry. However, this time outsourcing jobs may not create jobs or really help anyone. ISIS reportedly posts YouTube videos on how to operate weapons and a help desk terrorists can call. Most hotlines only bling certain hours a day, but theirs is 24/7/365. Hit the jump to find out how WhatsApp and Playstation are involved.

(Video) Gta V Lowrider Update Ps4 Xboxone Pc

GTA V community an update has been released this weekend through online in celebration of Lowriders update. This online release is now live on consoles PS4 XBOXONE and PC.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Angry Grandpa Destroys PS4

Angry Grandpa Destroys PS4, he has gone toooooo far!! Feels like his family may take action after his recent ‘bug out’, over christmas cookies?!

(Video/Photo) PS4 Gets The NEW “Playstation Now” Streaming Service

I’m very excited to see that the update in my PS4 lead to the beta of Playstation Now in my store, as I now have the opportunity to stream a bunch of PS3 games at low prices, making my ‘collection’ bigger and better!!

(Video) See This Really Cool Fact Surgery About PS4!!

I know I love my PS4, I don’t even question not getting the Xbox One, especially since I still have a 360, But I didn’t know some of these facts, or maybe I did and just like to see them in this cool fashion, Fact Surgery!

Damn Son!!! Craigslist Strikes Again As Father Gets Played Over PS4

I want to say you can’t feel bad for someone using craigslist and not checking everything out first, but I do feel bad for this guy. A dad from Colorado Springs trying desperately to get his a PS4 for xmas(so he could see that special light up in his face) used craigslist to track down the sold-out in his area PS4, but he didn’t follow ‘buy stuff from craigslist procedure’.

(Video) Caught On Tape: European PS4 Release Gets Crazy!!

This may feel like old footage to us in the U.S. but it’s actually new because the PS4 just hit european store this last week, and it lead to their own Black Friday type situation!

(Video) Sony’s PS4 Makes Major Money Of 1st Day On Sale!!

There was def a whole lot of excitement in the air, lines were long, yet moving, and units got sold…Word on the web is Sony sold 1 Million PS4’s this past friday, it’s debut day!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Teen Completely Smashed Brand New PS4

I just got a PS4, a superb system that has only begun to show us what it can do, and couldn’t even imagine doing what this kid did, not just a NEW PS4, but to any piece of Tech!!

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