(Photo + Video) Lira Galore Reveals The Reason She And Rick Ross Broke Up On ‘Iyanla Fix My Life’

Lira Galore recently made an appearance on ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life.’ For those who do not know, Iyanla helps people who are in complicated situations come to terms that will help them fixed their troubled life. While on the show, Lira got a chance to speak on her break up with rapper Rick Ross.

(Video) Lira Galore Discusses Life After Rick Ross While Showing Off That….

Once Lira Galore and Rick Ross split after a very quick engagement, everyone probably wondered what was next for the curvy model. She opened up to XXL about her upcoming ventures and how she had a name prior to meeting Ross.

(Video) Rick Ross Had His Ex & Another Girl In The Same Dress At His Party Last Night; Lira Galore Reacts

Last night, Rick Ross celebrated his birthday with a huge bash in Atlanta, and tons of people were there to celebrate with him – including his ex-girlfriend Shateria…and his latest conquest, stripper Skrawberry. What’s interesting is he put them both in the same dress, though he entered the party with Shateria. Seems like they’re both totally cool with it, though, as Skrawberry commented that it was purposely done. This is…weird. Meanwhile, Lira Galore is feeling some type of way. Check out the pics and video below.

Lira Galore: “As A Man, [Rick Ross] Just Couldn’t Handle” The Meek Mill Photo & Other Things

During her latest interview, Lira Galore opens up about breakup with Rick Ross. While the boyfriend/girlfriend phase lasted longer than expected, the engagement side of the pair’s relationship came and went faster than a strike of lightening; and according to Lira, a bulk of the reasoning rests solely on a an old photo-in her stripper days-of her and Meek Mill.

(Fellas Check The Pics!) Lira Galore Speaks Out About Rick Ross Breakup For The First Time

Lira Galore and Rick Ross had a whirlwind relationship in 2015, going from practically strangers to being engaged in a matter of months, then breaking up for a short period of time, getting back together, and breaking up once more. That’s a lot to handle for anyone, but especially for a 22-year-old who is new to the spotlight! Opening up about the relationship and the split for the first time, Lira spoke with Popular Demand as she gears up to release a collaborative tee-shirt with the brand.

This Is Juicy: Lira Galore Goes Off About Rick Ross Creepin’ With One Of Her Friends!

Oh Lira, the drama just can’t leave you be! A blogger who goes by the name of @therarolaeblog put it out there that Rick Ross is creepin’ with a chick who goes to Morgan. Now we’re not quite sure the status of Rozay and Lira Galore’s engagement, but we do know that this college student is (or was I should say) allegedly Lira’s “homegirl.”

According To SnapChat, Lira Galore & Rick Ross Are Back Together!

Rick Ross and Lira Galore haven’t been together for too long but in the short period of time they’ve been dating, the two have become one of our favorite couples in the Hip-Hop world! News recently started spreading like wildfire that Lira and Rozay called off their engagement and broke up. However according to SnapChat, it looks like the two have kissed and made up!

Lira Galore On Rick Ross Break-Up: “I’m Trying To Become The Next Karrueche Tran”

Lira Galore is the latest vixen to have been the significant other of a famous rapper with a failed relationship. However, she has a plan in action to make the best out of a bad situation. According to sources close to Lira, she has reached out to Karrueche Tran – the MVP of this successful ex-rapper’s girlfriend clan. Lira wants to have a sit-down with Tran to basically get a “how to” tutorial on how to use her past relationship to remain poppin’ out here in these streets and to stay relevant in the future.

Petty Wap Or Lurking Lucy? Ming Lee Likes One Of Lira Galore’s Old Pics With Rick Ross!

As you know, Rick Ross recently called off his engagement with Lira Galore, after popping the question less than two months ago. The pair had been dating since late March/early April, but prior to that, Ross was seeing Atlanta entrepreneur, Ming Lee. Ross and Ming’s split was quiet and seemingly without drama, but one could still assume that Ming was hurt when her ex moved on rather quickly, and quite publicly at that. Seems like she’s still thinking about it too, as last night, she was caught liking one of Lira’s old pics with Ross! This could mean one of two things: either she was lurking and accidentally hit the like button (the worst feeling! We’ve all been there!) OR she was being petty and is enjoying her moment to gloat. Which do you think it is? Let us know in the comments!

That Was Fast: Rick Ross Calls Off Engagement With Lira Galore

After only two short months of being engaged, it looks like the wedding is off! Rick Ross and Lira Galore apparently got into a huge blow out which led to the vixen moving all of her belongings out of Rozay’s mansion in Georgia. As of now, she still has the 11 carat rock on her finger which cost him $350K, but I don’t see her having it for much longer.

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