(Video) Dame Dash Says Fox News Pays Stacey Dash Handsomely For Her Stupid Commentary

To hear the name Dash associated with the word coon is not something Dame Dash is too happy about. The Harlem artist has come a long way since the #TweetLikeDameDash takeover took place. Most of us know that Dame is the cousin of Stacey Dash. With that being said, most has inquired on what he’s thought about Stacey’s recent comments about ridding the world of BET (and BET hilariously comes back for Stacey) and/or Black History Month (idiot). Via Skype, Dame chatted with business friend Boyce Watkin to reveal his true feelings on the comments circulating. “I’m use to it. Stacy is always going to say something to invoke an emotion,” he says of the comments that has the Black community thinking of ways to disown the lady. “It’s annoying to have a cousin that looks like that, and has an opinion and works for Fox News.”

(Photos) Bun B Has Some Words For Stacey Dash & Her Ignorant Comments!

Stacey Dash never fails to completely piss off the entire black community time and time again. However, this time was pretty horrific after she spoke out about hating BET and her thoughts on the Oscars. Leave it to the Trill OG himself, Bun B, to rip the actress a new one. He took to his Instagram page and let the world know how he truly feels about the Clueless actress.

Real Tears: BET Claps Back At Stacey Dash For Diss Comments

Earlier today, the obviously non-Black Stacey Dash (sarcasm at a level ten) gave her opinion on the boycotting of the Oscars topic. Like many other debatable subjects she’s interjected, Dash makes herself just look asinine. “Either we want to have segregation or integration,” she says during her Fox channel commentary. “If we don’t want segregation then we need to get rid of channels like B.E.T., and the B.E.T. Awards and the Image Awards where you’re only awarded if you’re Black.” Well, BET is here for the clap back. Why? The Black Entertainment Television network makes it clear that she once worked for them. In other words, let’s not smack the had you were once eating from. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Stacey Dash Gives Her Opinion On Oscar Boycott: ‘Either We Want Segregation or Integration’

Stacey Dash recently added her two cents in on the growing controversy surrounding this year’s Academy Awards. Following reports that actors Jada Pinkett-Smith and Spike Lee have called for a boycott of the awards, Dash spoke out saying she does not agree with the boycott. Hit the jump for more.

Ha. Fox News Puts Stacey Dash In Timeout After Her Use Of Profanity

“Consequences. Some of us have to pay them. Gladly,” Stacey Dash wrote on Twitter following the news of her, and Ralph Peters’ suspension from Fox News for their potty-mouthed statements on President Obama’s efforts-or lack thereof-in the war on terrorists. During an episode of Outnumbered, Dash claimed that he [Obama], “doesn’t give a s**t” about terrorism, and anything else that is safe for our country; now two weeks off the air is what she gets. Find out more down bottom.

These Shenanigans … Again: Stacey Dash Calls Hillary Clinton A Sociopath

The nerve. Stacey Dash is showing her love for the other side again. The Republican roarer sat on Fox’s midday show Outnumbered and not only expressed her ill feelings towards Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – AGAIN – but she uses the word “sociopath” to describe her. Find out more down bottom.

(Video) Update Stacey Dash Says College Rape Victims Are ‘Bad Girls’ Who Party …. ‘Clueless’ Or Nah?

Stacey Dash Says College Rape Victims Are ‘Bad Girls’ Who Party. Is she ‘Clueless’ Or Nah?. Stacey voiced her opinion on Fox News about the UVA rape scandal started by a controversial feature in Rolling Stone magazine. Sexual assult is a huge issue on college campuses and universities across the country. School officials and students are trying to develop strategies and policies to combat this issue. Many school’s like UMASS Dartmouth are even considering banning alcohol on campus all together. A school in Washington DC created an app to offer support to victims. Did Stacey jump out the window with her statement? Can you really classify the rape victims as “Bad Girls”? Has she even stopped to think about the male victims? It has been reported that more males in the military deal with sexual assault. Check out the updated story after the jump.

(Photos) Stacey Dash & Donald Faison Have A Mini “Clueless” Reunion At

It was a mini Clueless reunion on Monday night, as Dionne and Murray (better known as Stacey Dash and Donald Faison) linked up at season premiere party for The Exes in L.A. They were all smiles as they saw each other and posed for pics, making for a totally nostalgic moment! I miss the 90s! Compare the before and after in the gallery.

(Fellas Check The Pics!) 10 Sexy Throwback Pics of Stacey Dash You Don’t Want To Miss! #ThrowbackThursday

Fellas check out these 10 sexy throwback pics of Stacey Dash!

(Video) Stacey Dash Suggests Kanye West Head Over To Rikers Island To Experience, “Rape”

Some people are just clueless (no pun). During a show in London – where he was booed – Kanye West performed one of his many rants on-stage, comparing the papparazzi’s continuous picture taking efforts to rape. Fox News boxed the, “Blood on the Leaves” rapper in a category with other celebrities who say things that they should not say, and then, enters Stacey Dash – Fox’s new correspondent. “For Kanye to say ‘rape,’ maybe he needs to spend some time on Rikers Island,” said Dash. “Go to Rikers for a little while, and then he’ll know what rape is.” Too far or nah? Check out what else was said after the jump.

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